Some unpleasant, but necessary, throat clearing

Hurruurggghhhhhh. Hurrrugh. Huuugh. Excuse me.

This is my second attempt at a blog. I’m hoping it will be more successful than the last, which coughed and died after less than two weeks. One of the reasons for that was that my scope was too narrow, too restricted. Having said that, writing those few posts was a lot of fun, so I’m keen to try again, this time about something that’s a bit easier to keep moving.

I’m a huge reader – crime especially, but not just that – so this space is somewhere that I can put up my thoughts about what I’m reading. I’d like to think it will be interesting, but actually it’s partly for my own benefit. I’m one of those people who has difficulty remembering the book they’re currently in the middle of, let alone the one I put down 4 weeks ago. So it will be good to keep track of those titles, and also log those books that take my fancy, and which I want to get around to. Someday.

Not that the internet needs another half-arsed critic – hell no. But when I’m in the thick of something as good as Adrian McKinty’s Dead I Well May Be (currently about a third of the way through), I get an uncontrollable urge to share the goodies with everyone else. Rather than buttonhole random strangers on the train, I decided this might be more productive. And less likely to result in restraining orders.

So there will be some reviews, and some other, random, book-related posts. I also work in a library, so there might be something about that as well. Otherwise, that’s probably it for now. Except to sat that the title of my blog comes from the immortal Bill Hicks, and what has to be one of his funniest routines. It says a lot to me about the importance of reading, with a style and wit that I can only dream of. Enjoy, and I hope you’ll come back when I have something more to say.

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