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Belinda Bauer, ‘Rubbernecker’ (2013)

Rubbernecker is the second of Bauer’s books that I’ve read. The first was Blacklands, which told the intriguing story of the relationship between a teenage boy and his brother’s imprisoned murderer. There were some aspects I didn’t like – including a seemingly easy prison escape – but otherwise it was a polished, thrilling ride. It was one … Continue reading

My Top Ten Crime Novels

There’s been a lot of comment online about the Crime Writer’s Association (CWA) list of the 10 Best Crime Novels of All Time, taken from a poll of their members to celebrate the CWA’s 60th birthday. Much of the debate has been around what it does and doesn’t include; but I was particularly disappointed that … Continue reading

John D. MacDonald, ‘The Deep Blue Goodbye’ (1964)

I’ve been aware of John D. MacDonald as long as I can remember, for which you can blame my parents. When I was about 5 or 6, the bookcase in our living room had a shelf of colourful, cracked looking paperbacks with titles such as A Purple Place for Dying, Bright Orange for the Shroud (‘Mummy, what’s a … Continue reading

On the name of the Detective Sergeant

BBC Radio 4 are currently serialising the first book in Derek Raymond’s ‘Factory’ series, He Died with His Eyes Open. Do catch it, if you get the chance; as well as a gripping story, the sound design is terrific, and a benchmark for just how powerful radio can be. Drawing on the book’s 80s setting, the … Continue reading