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My new favourite author: Philip Kerr

Okay, so the title is a bit of a cheat – I’ve actually admired Kerr’s work for years now, but I’m coming to the end of the latest book in the Bernie Gunther series, A Man Without Breath, and reading it has reminded me just what a class act he is. We’ll get onto the quality … Continue reading

On Mandela, Shakespeare and the Robben Island Bible

Like many people I can only wonder at how, after close to 30 years in prison, Nelson Mandela emerged from Robben Island in 1990 with such dignity, going on to negotiate with the white ruling elite which had condemned him. How many dark nights must there have been during his time behind bars? Where did … Continue reading

Malcolm Mackay, ‘The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter’ (2012)

‘Living like a villain is fun. Being treated like one is not.‘ Malcolm Mackay’s The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter is a novel that stands out, and not just because of the title. Nor the storyline, which is the first part of a trilogy centred on the Glasgow underworld. No, it is the book’s style which is … Continue reading