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Friedrich Dürrenmatt, ‘The Pledge’ (1958)

‘A policeman never looks away.’ When it was originally published in German in 1958, The Pledge bore the provocative subtitle Requiem for the Detective Novel. This was dropped when the novel was translated into English – there’s no sign of it my edition – but it doesn’t take long to see how apt it is. For The Pledge is a remarkable book: precise, challenging … Continue reading

Adrian McKinty, ‘In the Morning I’ll Be Gone’ (2014)

It’s been a long time since I’ve awaited a book as expectantly as Adrian McKinty’s In the Morning I’ll Be Gone, the third (and hopefully not final) book in his series of 1980s Northern Ireland-set thrillers, featuring RUC detective Sean Duffy. Regular readers of this blog will know that I’ve been an admirer of McKinty’s writing … Continue reading

Pierre Lemaitre, ‘Alex’ (2011)

After last week’s review of The A26, the Francophilia continues at WAYRF Towers with this stunning book from Pierre Lemaitre. I found out about it thanks to this list in The Guardian of the ’10 best crime novels in translation’; if the other books on the list maintain Lemaitre’s standard, I’ve a lot to thank … Continue reading

Pascal Garnier, ‘The A26’ (1999)

The French have always had an intriguing relationship with the crime novel, their attitude very distinct to that once found in Britain or the United States. Which you might argue is very French in itself; but there’s no doubt that the French have often appreciated foreign crime writers before they were recognised in their own … Continue reading