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Nicolas Freeling, ‘Because of the Cats’ (1963)

The time taken to read a book isn’t always a function of its length. Because of the Cats, Nicolas Freeling’s second novel to feature Dutch policeman Piet Van der Valk (and the third of the books that I’ve read) is less then 200 pages long. But it’s not a quick read, and it’s not your standard policier. For … Continue reading

Jan Costin Wagner, ‘Silence’ (2007)

Jan Costin Wagner’s Silence has history repeating itself to an unnerving degree. In 1974 a young girl named Pia Lehtinen disappears; her body is subsequently found at the bottom of a lake. Thirty-three years later a second teenager vanishes from the same place, leaving her bicycle behind her. The scene seems an almost exact recreation of … Continue reading

Nic Pizzolatto, Galveston (2010)

Galveston is the story of Roy Cady, self-proclaimed ‘bagman’ for a New Orleans crime lord. Still reeling from a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer, Cady is sent on a job which he suspects is a suicide mission – payback for having slept with his employer’s new girlfriend. So it proves, but Cady escapes with his life … Continue reading