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On the real King Richard III

One of the most remarkable stories in archaeology draws to a close this week with the reburial of the bones of King Richard III. It’s remarkable that they should have been found at all; but to have found a body that displayed some of the physical deformities Richard was said to have had; to have … Continue reading

William McIlvanney, ‘Laidlaw’ (1977)

Usually when I’m reading a book I intend to review, I keep a pencil handy to annotate any passages I like. That wasn’t necessary with Laidlaw, a book so beautifully written and so full of glittering phrases that you could open it anywhere and find something worth memorising. I bought it in a charity shop … Continue reading

The McBainiad, Book 8: ‘Killer’s Wedge’ (1959)

Well, it’s been one hell of a week round these parts. I got a new job – I’ll be retraining as teacher in September, thanks for asking – and Mrs WAYRF and I have also been busy on the house, trying to make it look respectable before it goes on the market. Fair to say … Continue reading