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My new favourite author: Philip Kerr

Okay, so the title is a bit of a cheat – I’ve actually admired Kerr’s work for years now, but I’m coming to the end of the latest book in the Bernie Gunther series, A Man Without Breath, and reading it has reminded me just what a class act he is. We’ll get onto the quality … Continue reading

My New Favourite Author: Ken Bruen

Like many bibliophiles, I suffer from a fear of having nothing at hand to read. I rarely venture out without a book; but if I do get stuck, I can always fall back on the Kindle app on my mobile. So when we went away on our child-free weekend recently, as well as buying a … Continue reading

My New Favourite Author: Ted Lewis

Three weeks ago, I’d heard of Ted Lewis but not read any of his work. Now, in quick succession, I’ve finished both GBH (his final novel, published in 1980), which I picked up for the steal-of-the-century price of 10p; and also Jack’s Return Home (Lewis’s second novel, which came out in 1970; it’s often published under the title of the Michael Caine film it inspired, … Continue reading

My new favourite author: Adrian McKinty

I’ve had a copy of Adrian McKinty’s Dead I Well May Be sitting on my bookshelf for over two years. I know it’s that long because I asked for it for my birthday, along with a stack of other books (of which at least one other – The Hare with Amber Eyes – still remains unread).  I … Continue reading