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Pierre Lemaitre, ‘Camille’ (2015)

The three books in Pierre Lemaitre’s trilogy featuring police detective Commandant Camille Verhoeven share not only a protagonist but also an underlying warning: nothing is ever as it first appears. In Irene we meet a murderer who takes his inspiration from crime fiction, whilst in Alex a woman in peril transforms into a very different kind of character. … Continue reading

Pascal Garnier, ‘The A26’ (1999)

The French have always had an intriguing relationship with the crime novel, their attitude very distinct to that once found in Britain or the United States. Which you might argue is very French in itself; but there’s no doubt that the French have often appreciated foreign crime writers before they were recognised in their own … Continue reading

Nicolas Freeling, ‘The Back of the North Wind’ (1983)

Nicolas Freeling was perhaps best known for his series of novels featuring Dutch policeman Piet Van der Valk, which were televised in the 1970s (and revived in the 1990s) with Barry Foster in the title role. Born in Britain, Freeling spent much of his adult life working in mainland Europe; it was whilst working as … Continue reading