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Pierre Lemaitre, ‘Camille’ (2015)

The three books in Pierre Lemaitre’s trilogy featuring police detective Commandant Camille Verhoeven share not only a protagonist but also an underlying warning: nothing is ever as it first appears. In Irene we meet a murderer who takes his inspiration from crime fiction, whilst in Alex a woman in peril transforms into a very different kind of character. … Continue reading

Picture Book: Rue Jacob, 1910

This mesmerising photo has been doing the rounds on Twitter recently. Captioned ‘library books floating down a street during the Great Flood of Paris, 1910′, I was immediately struck by its eeriness, and wanted to know more. Where was it taken? Where did all those books come from? Or, indeed, the water? Well, Wikipedia informs … Continue reading

Pierre Lemaitre, ‘Irene’ (2006)

I was blown away by Pierre Lemaitre’s Alex (you can read what I thought of it right here), so naturally had high hopes for the sequel. Or rather, prequel – Irene is Lemaitre’s first novel, but for some reason the English versions were published the other way round. Why was Alex translated first? Perhaps because it’s … Continue reading

Pierre Lemaitre, ‘Alex’ (2011)

After last week’s review of The A26, the Francophilia continues at WAYRF Towers with this stunning book from Pierre Lemaitre. I found out about it thanks to this list in The Guardian of the ’10 best crime novels in translation’; if the other books on the list maintain Lemaitre’s standard, I’ve a lot to thank … Continue reading

Georges Simenon, ‘Maigret Sets a Trap’ (1955)

This is my second Simenon novel (the first being Maigret and the Lazy Burglar, which I read last year). I picked it up from a sale in my local library (cost: 10p), and as it’s the original 1965 English translation, it has lovely, heavy, slightly yellowed pages. I spent half my time thinking I’d turned … Continue reading