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Reading matter 2015: Part 3

Last lap: here’s the final ten books in my list of reading material for the previous 12 months. Bon appetit! Pierre Lemaitre, Camille – Last book in Lemaitre’s Camille Verhoeven trilogy, and for my taste the least successful of the three books. Having said that, Lemaitre is always worth reading, and the twists when they come are dramatic, … Continue reading

Pierre Lemaitre, ‘Camille’ (2015)

The three books in Pierre Lemaitre’s trilogy featuring police detective Commandant Camille Verhoeven share not only a protagonist but also an underlying warning: nothing is ever as it first appears. In Irene we meet a murderer who takes his inspiration from crime fiction, whilst in Alex a woman in peril transforms into a very different kind of character. … Continue reading

Ten Best Books of 2014

Last year I resisted the temptation to add to the cacophony of ‘favourite book’ lists, but 2014 has supplied such good reading that I can’t help but make a few recommendations. The twist on my top ten is that it’s split in two: five books from 2014, five published longer ago. Much longer ago as … Continue reading

Pierre Lemaitre, ‘Irene’ (2006)

I was blown away by Pierre Lemaitre’s Alex (you can read what I thought of it right here), so naturally had high hopes for the sequel. Or rather, prequel – Irene is Lemaitre’s first novel, but for some reason the English versions were published the other way round. Why was Alex translated first? Perhaps because it’s … Continue reading

Pierre Lemaitre, ‘Alex’ (2011)

After last week’s review of The A26, the Francophilia continues at WAYRF Towers with this stunning book from Pierre Lemaitre. I found out about it thanks to this list in The Guardian of the ’10 best crime novels in translation’; if the other books on the list maintain Lemaitre’s standard, I’ve a lot to thank … Continue reading