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An Evening with David Peace

‘All I think about is making the book as good as possible.’ Disregard with extreme prejudice anyone who says you should never meet your heroes. I recently spent an evening in the company of one of mine, and two weeks later I’m surprised how enthused, enlivened and filled up by the experience I still feel. If … Continue reading

An Evening with Mark Z. Danielewski

‘This is not for you.’ These five words begin Mark Z. Danielewski’s singular House of Leaves. What follows is a gripping, challenging, sometimes baffling but never predictable novel about a haunted house a quarter of an inch bigger on the inside than the outside, and which contains a labyrinth powerful enough to extend beyond the page, … Continue reading

An Evening with Peter Robinson

I’m always interested to hear writers – and in particular crime writers – talk about their work, so when I learned Peter Robinson was going to help us test out the new Studio Theatre at the Library of Birmingham (scheduled to open in less than a fortnight – eek!), I snapped up a ticket. I’ve … Continue reading